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Where does cork come from?

Cork actually grows on trees! The cork trees grown in Portugal have a thick bark that is harvested in sheets. Luxury applications such as handbags use sheet cork, while sports, food, and construction applications repurpose granulated cork. 

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Why should i choose a cork mat?

We think cork is the best material for yoga mats.  

  • Cork mats are made from sustainable elements including harvested tree bark and natural tree rubber.
  • The aesthetic of cork mats is fresh and allows for modern design.
  • Cork mats have superior grip and softer feel compared to other leading materials.

Can I use cork or microsuede mats for hot yoga?

Yes, you can use both our cork and our microsuede mats for hot yoga.

Do these mats provide adequate cushioning?

After speaking to our customers, we purposely designed The January Company yoga mats to be well-cushioned.

How should i clean a yoga mat?

Our yoga mats can be cleaned with a rag dipped in warm soapy water . No special sprays required!