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We are a physician couple on a mission to reinvent self care. Because the best medicine is living well. 

Live your days on purpose. Feel good.

The truth is, there's no secret that doctors don't want patients to know. 

Being fit and feeling young can be hard.  And yet some people make it look easy. How do they do it? 

We believe people who look and feel excellent in their bodies have established a few key habits.

They regularly move enough to feel alive

They feed their bodies delicious and nutritious food. 

And they include true rest in their days. True rest includes joyful activity, away from stressful work. 

Rest is both sleep and play.

Establishing and maintaining these habits is a lifelong journey. 

We started The January Company as a way to illuminate the journey for people who are tired of feeling sick and are ready to commit to living intentionally.

We select and design products that specifically meet the goal of adults interested in optimizing their health.  A world-class quality of life requires intentional living. 

Thank you for reading. We hope you stay awhile and look around. 


Afra Janarious, MD and Dave Janarious, MD