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Elephantine Dreams Muse Cork Yoga Mat


Muse was developed as a highly cushioned, grippy mat with a clean and modern aesthetic. Fine grain cork applied to a thick layer of soft rubber makes for a pleasing texture of warm and solid, yet comfortable surface for daily practice. 


  • Size: 24 x 72 inches

  • Thickness: 5mm

  • Upper material: granulated cork

  • Lower material: rubber

Why choose a cork yoga mat?

Cork mats offer a natural aesthetic with superior function.

The practice of yoga can be a sweaty, slippery business. Natural cork mats offer excellent grip compared to other leading materials. 

Where does cork come from?

Cork is harvested from the barks of the Portuguese cork oak tree. Some of the raw tree bark is used for manufacturing  fine goods such as purses. Discarded material can be repurposed grains which can be reformed into sheets. Here, repurposed cork has been applied to rubber to create our natural cork yoga mat.